The 5-year Bachelor of Education Programme in Sports Training part-time degree course has since 1999 been organized by the Beijing Sport University (BSU), which is under the General Administration of Sport of China. The course normally takes place at the Hong Kong Sports Institute. The BSU appoints experienced professors and national coaches to teach in Hong Kong. The course comprises 25 modules and 60 hours of practicum.

Introduction 1
Introduction 2


To provide coaches and athletes the necessary professional coaching knowledge and skills in elite sports training and to enhance coaching quality in Hong Kong.




The course is made up of 25 modules and 2 practicums over a period of 5 years. Learning includes face-to-face, theory and sport-specific lectures (may change to online depending on situation) and practicums.



Modules 1 Chinese Language and Writing 2 English Language
3 Pedagogy 4 Anatomy
5 Physiology 6 Sports Medical Supervision
7 Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation 8 Sport Massage
9 Introduction to Physical Education 10 Competition in Sports
11 Sports Biochemistry 12 Sports Biomechanics
13 Sports Psychology 14 Sports Statistical Methods
15 Sports Management 16 Talent Identification
17 Sports Training 18 Motor Learning
19 Sports Nutrition 20 Theories and Training in Strength and Conditioning
21 Organization of Sports Training 22 Scientific Research and Thesis
23 Elementary Sports-specific Theory and Practice 24 Intermediate Sport-specific Theory and Practice
25 Advanced Sport-specific Theory and Practice
Practicum 60 hours

Learning & Assessment



Students need to attend face-to-face lectures according to the schedule. Lectures happen on weekday evenings, Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.

Mode of Study

5-year part-time course and assessment


The Hong Kong Sports Institute and /or online learning

Medium of Instruction

Putonghua (except English Language subject)

Campus/Venue 1
Campus/Venue 2

Assessment & Certification

  • Mode of Assessment

    Individual and group assignments, tests, practicum test and practicum report. Students are required to finish a thesis and a thesis defense in the last year of study.

  • Certification & Coach Accreditation

    A Bachelor of Education Degree in Sports Training and Level 3 Accredited Coach under Hong Kong Coaching Committee.



Applicants have to be aged 18 or above, comply with following conditions, and pass the entry interview and practical examination:

  • Attaining five level 2 or above in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) (including Chinese, English, Mathematics and Liberal Studies); and
  • 2 years full-time or 4 years part-time coaching experience
  1. Priority will be given to the applicants who have good recommendation from the National Sports Association.
  2. Elite coaches or athletes may be exempted from some entry requirements.
Requirement 1
Requirement 2
Requirement 3

Fee & Support



5-year HK$166,900 in total.


The scholarship scheme aims to reward students with outstanding performance in the course. 3 students at most will be selected from each class every year for a scholarship based on assessments of their academic results.

Fee & Support


  • Elite Athletes Continuing Education Subsidy

    The subsidy aims at providing different levels of financial support for eligible HKSI Scholarship Athletes to pursue further education by taking education programme and training courses in recognized educational institutions. Applicants who are current HKSI Scholarship athletes or are retired athletes who have withdrawn from the HKSI Scholarship Scheme, will be considered for support. (Details

  • Hong Kong Athletes Fund

    The fund is created to provide financial support towards the individual education programmes of current and retired elite athletes, and to offer financial support for retired athletes. (Details

  • Extended Non-means-tested Loan Scheme

    Students in need can apply for an Extended Non-means-tested Loan with the government’s Student Finance Office. (Details)

Career Prospect


Graduates having university level of sports training knowledge and skills, upon attaining specific coaching qualification from their National Sports Associations, can do different levels of coaching work at various organizations. This qualification equals that of any BSU qualification recognized in China or other countries and regions.


Sze Hang-yu, Rosanna
HK elite swimmer
SZE Hang Yu, Rosanna
Tang Hon-sing
HK Athletics Elite coach
Tang Hon-sing
Yip Chi-ong
Graduated at 65 / scholarship recipient for 5 consecutive years
Yip Chi-ong



Usually once every two years. Please pay attention to the Hong Kong Coaching Committee website.

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