To encourage all accredited coaches to continue upgrading themselves, the Hong Kong Coaching Committee issues them with a "Coach Accreditation Card" with a validity of FOUR years upon completion of the Sports-General Theory Course, and requires them to study continuously studies during the time to be eligible for the card renewal. (Click here to see card sample)

Accredited Coach Renewal Scheme


  • To maintain the quality of coaches through continuing education activities.
  • To provide a clear path for accredited coaches to enhance knowledge and skills, and to encourage life-long learning among sport coaches through promoting exchanges among them.


  • Activities by the Hong Kong Coaching Committee (Click here for details)
  • Activities by other organisations



Hours of continuing coach education activities in FOUR years


Level Hours needed
One At least 24 hours
Two At least 36 hours
Three At least 48 hours

Renewal fee will be HKD 200 each time.


  1. Accredited coaches can apply with the Hong Kong Coaching Department with the following documents in person, by mail or email, at least two months (but no more than 12 months) before the expiration of the Coach Accreditation Card:
    By email: ceddept@hksi.org.hk
    By mail: Coach Education Department, Hong Kong Sports Institute, 25 Yuen Wo Road, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong
    1. a completed renewal form
    2. a copy of the Coach Accreditation Card
    3. the completed Coach Logbook
    4. certificates/ certified true copies of attendance certification of Coach Continuing Education Activities and copies of other proof
    5. a recent colour photo taken within 3 months, size 1 inch (W) by 1.5 inches (H)
    6. renewal fee of HKD 200 (crossed cheque payable to “Hong Kong Sports Institute Ltd”.)
  2. After all information collected is verified, the Hong Kong Coaching Committee will notify the applicant in writing within eight weeks about the application result.