To address the need of National Sports Associations to train new coaches at the community level, the Hong Kong Coaching Committee has launched the "Introductory Sports Coaching Course" in 2016.

This course offers those who are interested in sports coaching the fundamental theory of sports training and sports science. Along with the sport specific coaching programme provided by National Sports Association, it equips participants to become coaches in their respective sports.

The Introductory Sports Coaching Course is the Level 1 accredited programme of the Sports-General Theories of the Hong Kong Coaching Committee.

Sports Coaching Course


The programme objectives of the Introductory Sports Coaching Course are to:

  1. To provide a broad coverage of basic theoretical knowledge of sports science and sports management for coaching;
  2. To equip participants with basic sports knowledge and skills;
  3. To nurture participants’ ability to work independently and as a team to respond to the challenges encountered in the sports coaching environment;
  4. To cultivate proper attitude, critical thinking, problem solving and motivation for lifelong learning; and
  5. To develop and instill participants’ professionalism, moral and sense of responsibility in sports coaching and promote safe practices in sports activities.




The course covers 9 sports-general theory topics in coaching and sports science with a total of 28 hours.


Topics Assessment
1 Concept of Sports Examination
2 Basic Concept of Coaching
3 Introduction of Sports for the Physical and Intellectual Disabilities
4 Basic Principles of Anatomy and Exercise Physiology
5 Movement Analysis
6 Fundamental Training of Strength and Conditioning
7 Fundamental Principles of Sport Injury Prevention
8 Sports Diet
9 Fundamental Psychological Principles of Sport

Learning & Assessment


Mode of Study

28 part-time lecturing hours and an assessment.


Hong Kong Sports Institute and/or through online learning mode.

Medium of Instruction

Cantonese (supplemented with English) or English.

Assessment & Certification

  • Mode of Assessment

    Examination or assignment

  • Certification & Coach Accreditation

    Certificate of the Introductory Sports Coaching Course (equivalent to Level 1 Accredited Coach) under the Hong Kong Coaching Committee


  • Aged 18 or above
  • Nominated by an National Sports Association of The Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

Fee & Support





  • Elite Athletes Support Scheme in Coach Education (click here for application form)

    Current HKSI Scholarship Athletes (under Tier A, Tier B, Individual Athletes Support Scheme or Disability Sports) who have achieved a performance level at Pt. 3 or above according to the EV Scoring Table of their respective sports, and with the support from their Head Coaches (or National Sports Associations for Tier B, Individual Athletes Support Scheme and Disability Sports) will be considered. Athletes can also apply within one year after retirement, on recommendation from their Head Coaches (or National Sports Associations for Tier B, Individual Athletes Support Scheme and Disability Sports). Applicants will be reimbursed full tuition fee, upon graduation.

  • Financial Subsidy Scheme (click here for application form)

    Students who are beneficiaries of the "Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme" are required to apply for the "Financial Assistance Scheme" during enrollment. Applicants will be reimbursed full tuition fee, upon graduation.

Career Prospect


With this basic coaching qualification plus the relevant National Sports Associations’ sports-specific components, graduates will be able to pursue a career in the sports coaching industry, such as sports coaches at the grass root level of district sports organizations, National Sports Associations, and Leisure and Cultural Services Department.


Ng Ka-long, Angus
Hong Kong Badminton Elite Athlete
NG Ka-long, Angus
Wong Kam-kau, Karl
Head Coach of the Hong Kong Wheelchair Fencing
Member of the International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation Executive Committee
WONG Kam-kau, Karl
Fujita Makiko
Wushu Coach (specializes in Tai-chi)



Please contact respective National Sports Associations.

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