The Hong Kong Coaching Committee has been offering the "Foundation Certificate in Sports Coaching Theory" since 2014, in a bid to enhance the quality and recognition for sports coach education programmes. This half-year course consists of 10 modules and a 30-hour practicum.

"Foundation Certificate in Sports Coaching Theory" is recognized under the Qualifications Framework –
QF Level: 2
QR Registration No.: 14/002703/L2
QR Registration Validity Period: 16 June 2014 - 15 January 2027

The Jockey Club Foundation Certificate In Sports Coaching Theory (QF Level 2) is the Level 2 accredited programme of the Sports-General Theories of the Hong Kong Coaching Committee.

QF Level 2
QF Level 2


  1. To provide a broad coverage of basic theoretical knowledge in sports coaching, sports management in coaching, and sports science;
  2. Participants can apply their knowledge during practicum, which takes care of the practical needs and development of coaching.
  3. To provide basic knowledge and practical skills of professional sports coaching theories and sports science and equip students for their future career and further studies' needs.
  4. To provide basic but solid foundation knowledge in sports coaching, coaching administration and sports science to prepare gradutes for a higher level certification course.




The course comprises 10 modules and a Coach Assistant Practicum. The 6-month course with a total of 157 learning hours includes: 65 hours of face-to-face lectures (may change to online depending on situation), 60 hours of self-study, 30 hours of practicum and 2 hours of pre-practicum briefing.


Module Face-to-face Hours Assessment Hours Self-study Hours Assessment Mode
1 Learning Principles 6 - 6 Individual assignment
2 Skill Acquisition 6 - 6 Individual assignment
3 Coaching Principles 6 2 6 Written test
4 Anatomy and Human Body 6 6
5 Physiological Adaptations to Exercise 6 6
6 Prevention and Management of Sports Injuries 6 3 6 Practical test
7 Event Planning and Sports Administration 6 6 Group project and oral report
8 Psychological Skills in Sports 6 - 6 Individual assignment
9 Movement Principles 6 - 6 Case study report
10 Fitness Tests and Assessments 6 - 6 Case study report
Practicum 30 + 2*
(*pre-practicum briefing)
Practicum portfolio, reflection reports and Practicum Learning Profile
Total Hours 157
QF Credits 15

Learning & Assessment


Mode of Study

6-month part-time course and assessments


Hong Kong Sports Institute and/or through online learning mode

Medium of Instruction

Cantonese (supplemented with English)

Module Exemption

Students can apply for module exemption according to their qualifications. The number of module exemptions will not exceed 50% of the total modules number.

Assessment & Certification

  • Mode of Assessment

    Module assessment (continuous assessments and tests) and coaching practicum assessment.

  • Certification & Coach Accreditation

    Certificate of the Foundation Certificate in Sports Coaching Theory (equivalent to Level 2 Accredited Coach) under Hong Kong Coaching Committee.



Applicants need to meet one of the requirements below and pass the entry interview:

  • Age 18 or above, attaining five level 2 or above in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) (including Chinese, English, Mathematics and Liberal Studies); or
  • Five passes in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examinations (HKCEE) (including Chinese, English and Mathematics) or equivalent qualifications; or
  • *Adult student (aged 21 or above) with 2 years relevant working experience; or
  • *Holder of Certificate of Sports-General Theory Course Level 1 or above issued by the Hong Kong Coaching Committee, and have 2 years of relevant working experience.

(*Note: applicants need to sit a Chinese writing ability test)

Fee & Support





The scholarship scheme aims to reward students with outstanding performance in the course. 3 students at most will be selected from each class for a scholarship based on assessments of their academic, practicum and learning attitude performance.


  • Elite Athletes Support Scheme in Coach Education (click here for application form)

    Current HKSI Scholarship Athletes (under Tier A, Tier B, Individual Athletes Support Scheme or Disability Sports) who have achieved a performance level at Pt. 3 or above according to the EV Scoring Table of their respective sports, and with the support from their Head Coaches (or National Sports Associations for Tier B, Individual Athletes Support Scheme and Disability Sports) will be considered. Athletes can also apply within one year after retirement, on recommendation from their Head Coaches (or National Sports Associations for Tier B, Individual Athletes Support Scheme and Disability Sports). Applicants will be reimbursed full tuition fee, upon graduation.

  • Extended Non-means-tested Loan Scheme

    Students in need can apply for an Extended Non-means-tested Loan with the government's Student Finance Office. (Details

  • Financial Subsidy Scheme (click here for application form)

    Students who are beneficiaries of the "Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme" are required to apply for the "Financial Assistance Scheme" during enrollment. Applicants will be reimbursed full tuition fee, upon graduation.

Career Prospect


Upon finishing this course and attaining coaching qualification of their respective National Sport Associations, graduates can be recognized as a Level 2 coach. Please enquire with various National Sport Associations for specific sport training programmes.

The Foundation Certificate in Sports Coaching Theory course is recognized under the Qualifications Framework as Level 2. Students can attain 15 credits upon finishing the course, and can flexibly transfer credits for taking further studies in sports and coaching-related courses in future.


Claudius Lam
Vice President, HK Lawn Bowl Association
Claudius Lam
Lee Wai-sze, Sarah
2019 UCI Track Cycling World Championships Sprint and Keirin events Gold medalist
Lee Wai-sze, Sarah
Jiang Tian-yi
2014 Asian Games Table Tennis Mixed Doubles Silver medalist
Jiang Tianyi



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