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National Sports Associations Thanks Coach Scheme

The purpose of the Scheme is to support NSAs to :

  • organize their own 'Thanks Coach Scheme' so as to raise the profile of their coaches;
  • recognize deserving coaches, especially those who might fall outside the award categories of the Coaching Awards organized by the Hong Kong Coaching Committee.

NSAs are encouraged to develop sub-categories under the two main award categories, determine the selection criteria and forms of award according to the guideline below and to form a selection panel to decide on the recipients. NSAs are responsible for the entire operation, selection and awards presentation.

The followings are the Award Categories:

1. Performance Coach Awards

Performance Coach Awards are awarded to coaches who had demonstrated the ambition, motivation and ability to improve performance of a team or individual at local or international level.

2. Development Coach Awards

Development Coach Awards are awarded to coaches who have paid  special contribution to the sport in any of the following areas:

  • Community Sport Development
  • Sport Clubs Development
  • Youth Sports Development
  • School Sports Development
  • Coach Development
  • Coaching Services