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Coach Accreditation Programme

Introductory Sports Coaching Course

To address the need of member NSAs for training new coaches at the community level, the Hong Kong Coaching Committee (HKCC) has recently launched a new “Introductory Sports Coaching Course” (ICC). It covers 9 sports theory topics in coaching and sports science with a total of 28 contact hours. Graduates will be granted a certificate of the Introductory Sports Coaching Course (equivalent to Level 1 Accredited Coach) under HKCC. With this basic coaching qualification plus the relevant NSAs’ sport-specific components, graduates will be able to take up elementary coaching work at beginners level.

Qualifications Framework Accredited Courses

To assure the quality and enhance the recognition for the programmes, the Coach Education Department, Hong Kong Sports Institute reviewed the Sports-General Theory Course (Part A) (CAP) in 2013. By consolidating topics of CAP Level 1 and Level 2, the “Foundation Certificate in Sports Coaching Theory” course has been launched in 2014. The new “Certificate in Advanced Sports Coaching Theory” course has incorporated topics of CAP Level 2 and Level 3 and has added new content with the objective to upgrade the academic and professional qualification of coaches in Hong Kong. The two courses are recognized under the QF as Level 2 and Level 3 respectively .

Course information and enrollment form:

“Foundation Certificate in Sports Coaching Theory” 
[QF Level 2] 

-Course Leaflet (Chinese version only) here

-Course Information (Chinese version only)​ here

-Online Enrollment (Chinese version only) here

QF2 Eng


“Certificate in Advanced Sports Coaching Theory” 
[QF Level 3] 

-Course information (Chinese version only) here

-Enrollment Form for 2021 (Chinese version only)​  here

QF3 Eng


Qualification Validation Policy

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