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2019 Jockey Club Hong Kong Coaching Awards - Stories of Awardees

The 2019 Jockey Club Hong Kong Coaching Awards presentation ceremony was held online for the first time on the Hong Kong Sports Institute’s (HKSI) social media platforms on 27 March 2021 successfully, unveiling a list of 205 awardees.  Let’s share their happiness and listen to the story of some awardees:


Liew Nammin x Louie Hung-tak:

Article: 【優秀教練選舉】劉南銘傳授樂觀思維 雷雄德亦師亦友 

Facebook: 【優秀教練:劉南銘 x 雷雄德 係教練,更係學員嘅朋友!】


Leung Kwok-kin x Tong Siu-man:

Article: 【優秀教練選舉】梁國健著重過程 湯少文實踐教學相長

Facebook: 【優秀教練:梁國健 x 湯少文 認識世界 邁向世界】


Shen Jinkang:

Article: 【優秀教練選舉】沈金康未能言退 肩負單車使命前行

Facebook: 【優秀教練:沈金康 獎牌背後嘅「魔鬼教練」】