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Accredited Coach Renewal Scheme

Ensure consistent professional and sports standards of practice.

Update on Continuing Coach Education Hours Earning Methods

With Effective from 1 May 2010, the policy on accumulating the continuing coach education (CCE) hours for the ACRS will be updated as follows:



CCE hours


Supporting documents

Existing CCE Hours Earning Method


Attend non sports-specific courses/seminars/

Hour of attendance

  • #1 (Activities organised by recognised sports or education related organisations in Hong Kong, Mainland China or overseas) (Remark)
  • Photocopy of Programme leaflet; and
  • Certificate

Additional CCE Hours Earning Methods


Teach courses/serve as speaker at seminars in non sports-specific areas

Hour of presentation and preparation

  • #2 (Maximum 25% of the total required number of hours can be claimed per 4-year cycle, i.e.
    • Level 1 – 6 hours;
    • Level 2 – 9 hours;
    • Level 3 – 12 hours)
  • #3 (Under #2, up to 25% can be claimed for preparation, i.e.
    • Level 1 – 1.5 hours;
    • Level 2 – 2 hours;
    • Level 3 – 3 hours)
  • Photocopy of Programme leaflet or letter of verification from host of event



Serve as coaching committee member in NSAs which are affiliated to the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

Hours per term

  • #2
  • If the term of service falls within two 4-year cycles, it would be counted once only in the first 4-year cycle


  • Letter of verification indicating involvement



Author of peer-reviewed books/journal articles in non sports-specific areas

Hours per book/journal article

  • #2
  • Maximum 10 hours per book; 5 hours per journal article
  • Book: photocopy of book cover and table of contents
  • Article: photocopy of journal cover and article


  • Fractions of CCE Hours, down to a minimum of 15 minutes, may be earned in increments of 0.25 hours, i.e., 15 minutes for 0.25 hours, 30 minutes for 0.5 hours, 45 minutes for 0.75 hours. (Seminars/workshops should last at least 30 minutes or above)
  • The HKCC will have full discretion to adjust the criteria. In case of disputes, the HKCC reserves the final decision.