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Accredited Coach Renewal Scheme

Ensure consistent professional and sports standards of practice.

Renewal Procedure

  1. After CAP coaches have attained the required hours of continuing coach education activities, they may submit the following documents to the HKCC in person or by post at least 2 months (but not more than 12 months) prior to the expiry date:
    a) Completed application form (click here to download);
    b) Copy of the "Coach Accreditation Card";
    c) "Coach Logbook";
    d) Certified true copy of the certificates/attendance certificates of the continuing coach education courses/seminars/workshops listed out in the "Coach Logbook". Except activities organised by the HKCC, supporting documents should be provided for proving the no. of hours attended;
    e) One photo of 1.5"W x 2"H taken within recent 3 months;
    f) A stamped (HK$2 stamp) and self-addressed envelope (If mail notice of new coach card collection is needed); and
    g) Renewal fee HK$200 (crossed cheque payable to the "Hong Kong Sports Institute Limited").
  2. Upon receipt and verification of all of the above documents, the HKCC will process the application. Applicants will be informed in writing or by email for collection of the new certificate, "Coach Accreditation Card" and "Coach Logbook".