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Accredited Coach Renewal Scheme

Ensure consistent professional and sports standards of practice.

Implementation Schedule & Procedure

Newly-Accredited Coaches

  • From 1 September 2008, all newly-accredited coaches will receive a Certificate, a "Coach Accreditation Card" together with a "Coach Logbook" after the completion of the Sports-General Theory (Part A) course.

Existing Accredited Coaches

  • CAP accredited coaches qualified before 1 September 2008 may obtain a new Sports-General Theory Certificate, a "Coach Accreditation Card" and a "Coach Logbook" free of charge according to the following schedule:
Year of Accreditation Period of Replacement Expiry Date of the New Coach Accreditation Card
On or before 2000 1.9.2008 - 30.11.2008 31.12.2012
2001 1.3.2009 - 30.4.2009 31.5.2013
2002 1.7.2009 - 31.8.2009 30.9.2013
2003 1.11.2009 - 31.12.2009 31.1.2014
2004 1.3.2010 - 30.4.2010 31.5.2014
2005 1.7.2010 - 31.8.2010 30.9.2014
2006 1.11.2010 - 31.12.2010 31.1.2015
1.2007 - 8.2008 1.3.2011 - 30.4.2011 31.5.2015


  • Replacement Procedure
  1. Existing CAP coaches can submit the following documents to the HKCC *in person or by post according to the designated period:
    a) Completed application form;
    b) Original copy of the highest level Sports-General Theory Certificate;
    c) One photo of 1.5"W x 2"H (blue background) taken within recent 3 months.; and
    d) Two stamped (HK$1.7 stamp) and self-addressed envelopes. (Not applicable for applicant choosing to collect acknowledgement letter through E-mail)

    * For submitting application in person, please seal then deposit the above documents into the designated drop-in box at the reception of the Hong Kong Sports Institute during the office hours.

    Hong Kong Sports Institute
    25 Yuen Wo Road,
    Sha Tin, New Territories,
    Hong Kong

  2. Upon receipt and verification of all of the above documents, the HKCC will process the application. Applicants will be informed in writing for collection of the new certificate, "Coach Accreditation Card" and "Coach Logbook".

  3. Accredited coaches not obtaining their new "Coach Accreditation Card" within the specific period will have to re-take the relevant level of CAP in order to re-activate the accredited coach status. All old Sports-General Theory Certificates will become invalid after the respective replacement periods.